Help! I want to change my hairstyle for 2018

Get a Hairstyle Makeover at Body Essential Hair Design (previously Raymond Lee) Hair Salon in Romford, Essex

If you are wanting to start 2018 by taking the plunge with a bold new hairstyle, fancy changing the colour of your hair or simply want to know the best way to get your hair in good condition, at Body Essential Hair Design (previously Raymond Lee) we can help.

The team of hairstyling experts and colour specialist in our Romford hairdressers bring you their top tips and suggestions on changing the style and colour of your hair…


I’m nervous about changing my hairstyle – what should I do?

Changing your hairstyle is something that should be fun and you should enjoy. If you are feeling nervous about cutting your hair or have never had hair colour before then thought of a major change can fill you with dread! The team at Body Essential Hair Design (previously Raymond Lee) hair salon in Romford, are highly skilled and will put you at ease. They will suggest hair colours that best suit your skin tone and will discuss with you exactly what you wish to achieve.

Whether it be a long poker straight look, A-symetric bob, or a curly hairstyle, we will find the hairstyle that is perfect for you.

Create a ‘Mood Board’ For Your Hairstyle Make-Over Ideas

Create a mood board to showcase your hair inspiration by collecting images of  hair cuts & colours you like. This helps to avoid confusion and ensures your Body Essential Hair Design (previously Raymond Lee) hair stylist has a clear vision of what it is you want to achieve.

You can then work together to tailor a new style, taking into account factors such as face shape, hair growth patterns and maintenance.

Changing The Colour of Your Hair

If you are having an extreme hair colour change, it may take more than one salon visit to achieve your deired result. If your hair has red tones in it and you want a platinum blonde colour this is a longer process – so be patient! 

Why not pop into our Romford hairdressers for a FREE hair consultation? It’s best to work with your stylist and decide on factors such as; the best way to grow out a fringe, how to grow layers out of your hair or how keep your hair in good condition when having a dramatic colour change.

Visit Body Essential Hair Design (previously Raymond Lee) Hair Salon in Romford, Essex

If you are looking for the best hair colourists in Essex or want a local hair salon in Romford you can trust, visit Body Essential Hair Design (previously Raymond Lee). Our team of professional & friendly staff are waiting to transform your locks! Call us on 01708 766371.

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