Which Hairbrush Should I Use?

Everything You Need to Know to Find Your Perfect Hairbrush at Raymond Lee Hair Salon in Romford

With so many different shapes and sizes of hair brushes to choose from it can be hard to be sure that you’re using the right one for your hair type and style.

The hairstyling experts at Raymond Lee hair salon in Essex are here to guide you on all you need to know and help you find the right hairbrush for you – using the right one can make a massive difference to the condition of your hair and can affect how well you style it.

The Best Hair Brush to Use for Straight Hair

which hairbrush should I use? at Raymond Lee hair salonPaddle brushes are great to help detangle and smooth straighter hair types. The brush consists of an air-filled rubber cushion that has bristles coming out. It is designed to prevent the hair from pulling and minimise damage. The paddle brush is perfect to avoid static and create perfectly smooth and slick ponytail hairstyles.

The Best Hair Brush to Use for Curly Hair

which hairbrush should I use? at Raymond Lee hair salonHair that is wavy or curly is prone to frizz – try using a wide natural bristle brush which will keep the shape of your curl better and apply a serum or oil before you style.

The Best Hair Brush to Create Volume

Round boar bristle brushes offer better grip on the hair when trying to achieve volume. The bigger the round brush, the more volume and straighter look you will get, while smaller brushes achieve less movement and a smaller curl.

Vented radial brushes are great to achieve a big bouncy blow dry. Soft boar and nylon bristles provide gentle tension for fragile strands, creating volume without damaging hair.


Top Tips for Brushing Hair

Never brush hair from the roots to the tips – you run the risk of stretching it which may lead to breakage. The best way to brush hair, especially if it is knotted or tangled is to start at the ends and work your way up towards the roots a few inches at a time.

Try adding a coconut oil or serum to your locks prior to brushing for smoother, glossy results.


For more great tips and styling advice – visit the hairstyling experts at Raymond Lee hair salon in Romford, Essex . Or call us on 01708 766371 or 01708 737611.


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